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Billing Policy last updated 10/05
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C.A. Designs accepts payments via check & money order. Checks must be paid in U.S. dollars and issued from a U.S. Bank. For your convenience we now accept all major credit cards via PayPal online processing.

All Deposits are non-refundable.

All designs, whether graphical or web design, are property of C.A. Designs until the client has paid for the project in full.

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  1. All accounts will be invoiced at the end of each project or on the last day of every month.
  2. All accounts will be issued with a Net 30 billing policy.
  3. Payment must be received before 12 p.m. EST of the due date otherwise it is considered late and a late fee and finance charge will be assessed to your account. (Please see PAST DUE/DELINQUENT ACCOUNTS for our Late Payment Policy.)
  4. All late fees and finance charges from the previous month will be listed in the next monthly statement and billed accordingly.
  5. Any payment received before 12 p.m. EST of the due date may receive up to a 5% early payment credit (Please check your invoice for exact discount).

    You may mail payments to:
    C.A. Designs
    ATTN: A/R
    9911 Maidbrook Road
    Parkville, MD 21234
    Phone 410-661-2954

  6. If a check payment is returned for any reason a $25.00 returned check fee will apply.
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  1. Late payments will incur a $15.00 monthly late fee plus additional finance charges of 2.0% per month (annual rate 24%).
  2. Accounts that become past due more than 30 days will receive a reminder via email. In most cases, late fees will be added to the next monthly billing statement and itemized accordingly.
  3. Accounts that become past due more than 60 days will receive a reminder via USPS and will be placed "on hold". While in this status, all services will be suspended. Monthly charges will still accrue. For service to be reinstated, the account must be brought up-to-date prior to any services being reinstated. In addition, a credit card or deposit may be required. Any discounts that have been extended to you may be re-invoiced in their full amount(s) and/or permanently removed from the account.
  4. Accounts that become past due more than 90 days are subject to collection. A credit card and deposit will be required for all future work.
  5. All decisions in regard to delinquent accounts are at the sole discretion of C.A. Designs.
  6. Overnight/Rush payments can be mailed to: C.A. Designs, ATTN: A/R, 9911 Maidbrook Road, Parkville, MD 21234, Telephone 410-274-0850.
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Need further Assistance?
Call us at 410.274.0850 or email: cnovoa@ca-designs.net
To view a PDF version of our Billing Policy, please click on the link below.
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