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May 1, 2008
Perfect Image website launched!
C.A. Designs launches website for Perfect Image Cosmetic Gynecology.

Prominant OB/GYN, Dr. Julio C. Novoa, practicing in El Paso, Texas eagerly assigned the design of his cosmetic gynecology practice website to C.A. Designs. The site is highlighted with a photo library and extensive information promoting the many procedures offered by his practice to enhance and beautify women. Although geared towards women, his practice also accomodates cosmetic enhancements for men, including Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

The site was created using some Flash and is available to preview now. Click here to view the Perfect Image website.

February 20, 2007
Raffy's Website Launches!
C.A. Designs creates and launches website for new restaurant in Baltimore.

Raffy's, a new trendy restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland establishes its cyberspace presence by establishing a website.

"Our creative department worked closely with the owners at Raffy's and we are proud to help them advertise their wonderful establishment through the web.", said Cesar Novoa, owner of C.A. Designs.

The site is now available at

February 6, 2007
PBIRG website launched!
C.A. Designs, in partnership with 27Seconds, takes control of the PBIRG website.

PBIRG (The Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence and Research Group), a not-for-profit industry association dedicated to the advancement of global healthcare marketing research, business intelligence, and strategic planning in theory and practice, elected to hand over control of their website to 27Seconds & C.A. Designs.

"PBIRG is well respected in the pharmaceutical and research community and we are very proud to have them select us for their graphic needs as well as 27Seconds for their programming", said Cesar Novoa, owner of C.A. Designs.

The site is now available at

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